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What'S going on guys, After all I booked a fresh video. Today we wouldn't be talking about 15 things. Just noobs do in hack clash royale - . Royale I've never done one of these, and that's most likely because I didn't want visitors to experience like if indeed they do one. There are noob automatically so know. In the event that you do one of these, it doesn't make you a noob, I'm simply saying it's just noobs. Perform it even more, but hey, there's a lot of these movies, but none of these are by have a gaming, and you probably want something. Don'T you know so here you go uh, therefore i don't even know how long it's been so for the first time in a couple of months, I'm in fact doing a regular monthly giveaway. Today, I'm uncertain whether it's gon na end up being on a monthly basis but we're performing one for September. It'll end at the end of the month. So we've about fourteen days left it's gon na end up being to iTunes and Google Play, and all you got to do is definitely comment below and just like the video and put a match in so without additional ado, let's obtain directly into it becoming too greedy on your own deck. One common mistake I used to do constantly is: use way too many rares and way too many epics, because hey they're epics, so they need to be better correct, ensure that is true. They are a little more powerful, it's logical, therefore da havoc, but that's not always the best idea. You should focus more on balancing a deck rather than trying to have the nicest cards. A lot of these great cards also have a hefty cost. Which means you don't desire to be running around with a 5.0 or 6.0 elixir deck.

That'S not cute and it'll, most likely not work, even though you bring an extravagance collector, that's just too much so uh avoid being greedy on your own deck upgrading every single card in class. Real! You may think that upgrading each and every card will make a collection balanced, but in reality all it's doing is just treating your OCD, but there's a period and place for upgrading that barbarian Hut and it's probably not right now it's better to concentrate on cards you will need. You understand cards that are popular and cards that basically have noticeable effects when you upgrade that card choosing the three crown. There'S a whole lot of people trying to get three crowns right from the start. But I heard about the strategy one time and it's really uh. That it is called trying to win obtaining three crowns is normally something you should shoot for after you've applied for a tower or two not automatically at the start of the match. Oh, it's a bad idea: you'll most likely eliminate for playing as well aggressive too fast or simply playing two incorrect. You got to think for a second and strategy out a technique, not just go for the three crown, because you will likely lose that pattern. Okay. So next time avoid being greedy, ah neat hours using spell cards about the same tower. Perhaps you have ever utilized a fireball or arrows merely to deal some harm on a tower because you experienced like it well, I have but hey we all made this mistake at one point, because After all everyone starts off convinced that spells go to the tower right.

Unless your tower has very low HP, then yeah go for it other than that. You should most likely wait until there's something following to the tower and then you can use the spell think about aiming free, positive elixir, trade. Okay, it's a huge positive, LexA trader mmm. It'S an enormous building too close to the river you've, most likely once in your lifetime, place a building too close to the river, and you understand five seconds later, you've understood they place a musketeer on the river and it simply shoots it like just like that. Poof. Yes, it takes trial whenever to get proficient at cosh for y'all, which one definitely needs to be something noobs only perform because, if you're making this mistake at like after I don't even know how lengthy you been playing, then you got ta learn buddy. I'Ve done it before unintentionally and it's the most annoying thing. You understand, but not only you waste elixir, you lose protective, building for forthcoming golems and hog riders. So there goes your building. Promoting everyone to destroy innovator in the clan. You might have come across those customers that say freak. Oh I've under no circumstances comprehended this. Until down the road, I then found out these clans are always run by such as a seven-year-older trying to offered everyone Coe and the complete clan fills up in a single time and the very next day, everyone's gone.

Why what happened? I gave everyone Coe. Well, if you really want to make your personal clan and make it successful, you need to allow people make their promotion, not just give it out like free candy like what the hell are you performing once everyone has those dominant - powers, you can even control the clan. Basically, everyone includes a co-leader therefore uh. What'S the point of even listening to you, so there is nothing to gain and you probably shouldn't do it solitary unit push obviously noobs, have no idea how to push most of the time all they do is just send in a huge or Prince and anticipate it to do Something magical I mean yeah, it's the most ridiculous duel, but it's not that ridiculous. Okay, a giant, isn't gon na walk across and destroy your tower. It'S probably gon na die by some goblins. You understand I remember seeing this a lot back in the day and I truthfully don't know why, like actually the older tutorial, demonstrates how to do a force, it lets you know hey, drop, this huge drop, this drop that and boom. You have a force, but it's like people miss the tutorial plus they don't understand how to push so uh yeah, often defending pushes Surrey situations, it's better to drop cards on the other side and not try to defend an enormous goal and force. But starters just hardly understand - that if a golem comes at them, they think they have to defend no matter what. Sometimes it can proceed well like, for instance, for those who have in a furnace hour or before Dragon.

Yes, in that case, go ahead, be my guest, but it isn't always going to go accordingly to your fun, because what if they have fireball and what, if indeed they possess a lightning so consider it. You know the next time they have an enormous push using one side. Just distract the additional side, since the way sollux want to defend against that makes sense, yeah, okay, okay, lack of card knowledge. Personally i think such as this one isn't just an OOP move to make, but I'm letting you know you should probably learn, because I often find myself having to check what my fireball will, because I've no clue if it can 200 or 250 or 300 damage like huh. I have a pretty great estimate of what it can, but that's not always plenty of what, if you don't have period to check throughout a match? What are you gon na perform? Are you gon na throw that fireball and simply pray to God that it does enough damage? Can be that it, in the event that you actually pro player or someone on the leaderboards, they will tell you precisely how much their fireball will without even looking at yeah. If you want to be a pro play, like a pro copying, the number one players deck - you know that one doesn't make sense at first because I just said literally, if you would like to be a pro play like one rights well, this is the only factor you Shouldn'T do okay, if you are out mm, present fees and he's at six thousand. What do you think are the likelihood of his deck functioning at two thousand? Two costs like no, you have low level cards and it's really just not the same strategy at two thousand, like people play different atlanta divorce attorneys arena. It'S confirmed it's just good sense. Okay and you've probably pointed out that their decks sort of appearance weird, as if you just click on our profile and it's it's chaos, it's like. Why are they using this like? Why?

Well, yeah: that's section of the reason why you shouldn't utilize it because they help to make their decks to function where they are at it's customized for them, not you for them playing competitive without audio unless you're in a damn church. Trying to complete your war assault, then yeah. You have to have the volume down unless they begin singing Hallelujah. But if you are trying to play a very important struggle with no noises, what are you carrying out? Sound is in fact pretty essential. Some pro players even opt directly into wear, have bones yeah headphones to play, cos for real the sound responses in clash. Real is actually more essential than you imagine, because with no sound you are not always likely to observe that federal government barrel coming or you might see it weights or the gobbling they dropped all the way in the trunk. Did you find that? Oh, you probably saw it 10 seconds past due because you didn't hear it yeah the next time MA if you're doing such as a clan war attack - or I have no idea tournament or whatever you're carrying out you might like to have some sound on ignoring troops. If you can play for some time, you've probably overlooked a goblin Barrow and quickly understand that was the worst mistake you ever did in history. I'Ve performed that many times, but the more and more I play I've realized. It isn't smart to ignore any cards except it's like I have no idea a nice golem or something that doesn't perform much damage. You know I wouldn't worry about that. Quite often, that's not the case. Ignoring skeletons can be very bad.

Skeletons actually do more harm than some troops, which means you should probably not ignore any true. You understand starting pushes at the bridge when I 1st began playing, I thought beginning a bush at the bridge was pretty smart, although that's true. That'S not sufficient because you possess much less elixir, meaning they have significantly more than you to guard whatever you drop star pushes the right way. Okay, unless it's triple elixir, don't go as well fast. Just don't perform it attacking the king tower god damn the noobs are again. I still see this occurring and I have no idea why and it amazes me when people perform it at three and four alright, it's like do you wish to lose on purpose. It'S quite funny in all honesty, but just avoid being that person, alright, you're gon na obtain laughed at. It'S gon na end up being a bit stupid. You know it takes trial whenever, but for some people it requires trowel and shedding, and finally the last one is normally giving up a match halfway. I never understood why people rather reduce instead of attempting to at least get a time like what is the rush that you have to go. Have a dump like what are you doing, specifically in clan wars? You do not understand: what's gon na, be the outcome, it's like playing basketball and giving up, because you only have a few seconds left. Would you that? You still possess time to change the game, therefore don't quit so guys. I think that should be it. I was going to do 25, but, to be honest, I couldn't discover 25. I have no idea easily make a part two it'll oftimes be 15 more. So if you men want to go on and comment, some ideas component two will be 15 even more or three fifteen. You understand you know the drill therefore hope you guys enjoy. Make sure you like comment and subscribe for more videos which men thing look. Obviously I was happy to find you all the next one. Thanks a lot